Every Monday 8.30pm

Monday March 4th

Jacquelyn West

Nitai Hershkovits 


 Swing, Bebop & Blues

 Vocals & Piano


Jacquelyn brings a fascination to the spontaneous, collaborative aspects of jazz. She studied with master vocalists over the years and performance at the New York Jazz Academy. Her style is rooted in tradition, having spent time learning the blues in St. Louis, Missouri. Poets and musicians describe Jacquelyn's voice as "soft, honest, and playful with no maneuvers" and "like having a peppermint and a cigarette at the same time". 

Pianist and composer Nitai Hershkovits has been described as a ‘Genuine prodigy’ by BBC

music. He is a charismatic performer with an incredibly strong voice and musical vision. 

His dynamic playing crosses boundaries and genres thanks to a light, elegant touch that 

conveys a full spectrum of deep emotions and contrasts. ‘Reminiscent of a silky-toned old 

piano swinger such as the late Hank Jones’ (The Guardian), intertwining bliss and melancholy with skillful freedom. As a solo artist, Nitai Hershkovits’ repertoire consists mainly of original work written for piano, giving space for interpretation.



Monday March 11th

Poetic Incense


Hip-hop Jazz

Piano, Saxophone, Harmonica & Vocals


Poetic Incense" features three NY natives, BeGood, JuneCancun, and Matty Kap. Each an artist in their own right, the 3 are putting their heads together for their first collaboration called "Poetic Incense." The groove and soul of Poetic Incense is sensory overload, building pulse by combining classical instrumentals, jazz funk, poetic license, and a mash of covers and originals alike. You can think 1970s MoTown meets Miss Lauryn Hill, touching on Marvin Gaye, Billy Joel, Adele, and Gypsy Kings alike. March 11 will be called a silhouette show. Think of the music as a 3 part play, where BeGood, June, and Kap will be your actors, leading the crowd through a musical playbook and telling their story along the way.. We hope to see you there



Monday March 18th


Axel Music Box Project


Andes Experimental Pop


Guitar, Bass & Percussions 


Axel Barragán is a drummer and vocalist from New York City. His style of songwriting is of Andes Latin American tradition and modern pop rock. He also works as a freelance music composer for various projects.

Sebastián González is a guitarist and pro session player and instructor in New York City. His experience include him in a vast category of styles amongst travels throughout different continents.

Ignacio Lecumberri is a bass player and sound engineer in New York City. He currently heads a music production company and does session work for Premier Recording studios in Times Square here in Manhattan.


Monday March 25th


Snake Bone



Guitar, Bass & Drums


Snake Bone is a jazz, blues and groove music trio that is raising the roof from New York to Japan with their potent brand of backbeat jazz. Three topflight musicians deliver the grit and spark at every turn. Masami Ishikawa – guitar, Will Kenney – bass, Kirk Driscoll – drums


Sun – Thu 6 pm – 1 am. Fri – Sat 6 pm – 4 am.